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A calling for charity

If you are interested in helping out Africa Calling or starting a similar project, check out their website at “It’s just the most amazing experience ever.” – Kevin Davis…

The Digital Frontier, Part III: Fighting crime on the darknet

The internet poses one of the foremost challenges for today’s law enforcement. From material published on servers halfway across the world and out of reach, to the formidable security and…

I tried the Flappy Bird replacements so you don’t have to

I usually do my best to avoid viral game trends. I haven’t grown a Farmville; I’ve never drawn something with friends; and I’ve never played Candy Crush Saga, because I’ve…

The Digital Frontier Part II: The darknet bazaar

Electronic currency is not a new concept, but its definition is beginning to change. The predecessors of electronic payment systems like credit cards and debit cards emerged in the first…

Bringing the Internet to an offline generation

“Cyber-Seniors” is an inventive initiative for social change, making a strong impact through a deceptively simple idea. The documentary film of the same name, which played during this year’s Victoria…

A toast to the Urban Dirty

Urban Dirty: A glass of Hoyne’s Dark Matter with a drop shot of bourbon (because it rhymes with urban). In the UVic Urban Development Club, it’s said that if you…

UVic’s EcoCAR 2 and the future of engineering

Just outside Ring Road, in one of the old army huts, a group of enterprising young engineers toil, making their bid in a competition to help design the automobile of…

The Digital Frontier Part I: Dark side of the net

The Internet as we now know it may be many things, but anonymous is not necessarily one of them. Originally put together by ARPA, the U.S. military’s Advanced Research Projects…

Will to game: Check yourself, before you wreck your game shelf

Demos are always a welcome, crucial step in researching a purchase. They can also be fun games in themselves, whether you’re a fan hungry for a taste of an upcoming…

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