Healthcare is a right, not a privilege

If Canada’s healthcare system changes to a dual or fully private system, it would mark a major drawback in its commitment to equality.

Letters: Our system needs to change

The university seems to underscore drug recovery, not prevention. I, a senior citizen in Victoria, would like to see change.

Take yourself out to the ballgame

Since joining the WCL in 2013, the HarbourCats have led the entire league in attendance a whopping six times, proving themselves to have one of the most dedicated fan bases…

UVic should learn from academic freedoms violations at other encampments

Columbia, Calgary, and Alberta universities mismanagement of protests for Palestine sets a concerning precedent.

Dear Canucks Fans

The Canucks' first place finish in the Pacific division is a foundation upon which the team is poised to redefine itself.

In memory of Dr. Leland H. Donald

UVic professor emeritus and prominent anthropologist passes away peacefully at age 81. He will be dearly missed and fondly remembered.

Sydney Sweeney and the tale of the blonde bombshell 

Sydney Sweeney is Hollywood’s newest occupant of a tired old stereotype. The blonde bombshell has been done.
Dating apps

The downfall of dating apps

My best recommendation is to skip the dating apps, however tempting they may be. The data supports taking it slow, forming friendships first.
Kate Middleton

#KateGate: Kate Middleton reveals her diagnosis and exposes our social media disease

On March 22, Kate Middleton issued a video announcing that she was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing “preventative chemotherapy.”

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