FIFA world cup.

FIFA World Cup in Qatar not a fair draw for the climate

As two devoted football fans (and yes, it is football), we are putting aside our North London rivalry in order to shed light on the blatant disregard that Qatar has…
A climate protest sign reading "there is no planet B". Photo by Li-an Lim via Unsplash.

Canada must prepare for climate change refugees

With climate change rendering parts of the globe unlivable, many individuals will be forced to seek refuge in foreign countries to survive. Canada is likely to become a very sought-after…
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

Questions for students to reflect on before taking part in activism

If you don't have answers to some of these questions, do you know who you can ask? Is it easy to ask these questions? How does it feel in your…
Kylie Jenner on Instagram.

The hypocrisy of climate activism 

The people who lecture us on climate change and environmental sustainability are the ones that need to be held accountable.

Letter from the outgoing Editor

The Martlet's Editor-in-Chief reflects on the state of journalism and media workers in Canada in this final goodbye.
CARSA, photo by Myles Sauer.

The CARSA that could have been

I’ve always been confused by the giant glass box that sits on the roof of CARSA, Centre for Athletics Recreation and Special Abilities. A third level was added to the…
On Mt. Tolmie, photo by Maddy Foulds.

I took a break from studying, here’s why you should too

The pressure of time crunches and deadlines can be daunting for students, especially during peak exam season at UVic.
Headphones, photo by Ryan Bruce via Burst.

Cancel Culture: Should it stop you from listening to your favourite song?

This article mentions sexual assault. Recent sexual assault allegations made against music artist Rex Orange County (real name Alexander O’Connor) have left his large fan base with their jaws on…
Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story promo photo via Netflix.

Why serial killer dramas are out of touch

The recent Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series has created quite a buzz online and on campus. With the dramatic retelling of the infamous serial killer's exploits giving audiences insight into the…
Fantasy sport stock photo via Pixabay

Are fantasy sports addictive?  

Remaining competitive in a fantasy sports league takes a certain level of commitment and time. A great deal of time in fact. From draft preparation, player analysis, and managing your…