Letter from the (outgoing) editor

The Martlet's outgoing editor reflects on the past year and looks forward to Volume 77.
Letter to the editor

Letters: The illusion of freedom in the humanities

The Martlet accepts Letters to the Editor!
Letter to the editor

Dr. Sanghara’s “A New Day” poem for the UVic community

My Dad, Dr. Harbindar (Harb) Sanghara, loved teaching students and looked forward to each new school year.
Design Director

Signing off after three years as the Martlet’s design director

Thank you, Martlet readers, for looking at and enjoying my art. That alone is more than I could ever ask for, and it means the world to me. 
Bill C-18

Letter from the Editor: Meta is blocking us, but we’re not going anywhere 

Meta and Google are blocking news outlets, including the Martlet, in Canada. Here are a few ways you can support us.
Letter to the editor

Letters: No!

The Martlet accepts Letters to the Editor! Letters must be 200 words or less and cannot contain any images, videos, or links.
Letter to the editor

Letters: UVic housing is in its flop era

While trying to take the UVic housing survey, I was kicked out on question three for being a “homeowner.” Instead of moving on to the next question, I was informed…
Letter to the editor

Letters: A Response to my Younger Self

It has been ten years since the Martlet published my letter to the editor documenting my experience at an on-campus event, and since then, my perspective has changed. At that event,…

Letter from the outgoing Editor

The Martlet's Editor-in-Chief reflects on the state of journalism and media workers in Canada in this final goodbye.

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