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UVic Faculty of Humanities launches new school, amalgamating four existing departments

Four existing departments will be amalgamated; students are frustrated by lack of consultation throughout development process.

Graduate Students Society referendum introduces gender affirming care

On June 7, 2024, UVic’s Graduate Students Society (GSS) passed a referendum that will introduce gender affirming care and other amendments. 

Canadian universities raise concerns over foreign influence registry

Bill C-70 to address the threat of foreign interference. Universities fear compromised international research opportunities.


Healthcare is a right, not a privilege

If Canada’s healthcare system changes to a dual or fully private system, it would mark a major drawback in its commitment to equality.

Letters: Our system needs to change

The university seems to underscore drug recovery, not prevention. I, a senior citizen in Victoria, would like to see change.

Take yourself out to the ballgame

Since joining the WCL in 2013, the HarbourCats have led the entire league in attendance a whopping six times, proving themselves to have one of the most dedicated fan bases…


UVic Live Music Club president releases debut album ‘In Subtle Ways’

UVic student and musician Charis Tazumi’s debut album In Subtle Ways draws on indie, pop, folk and R&B influences in its contemplative, often dreamy tunes.

UVic researcher receives five-year grant to develop syphilis vaccine

Dr. Caroline Cameron, researcher and professor in the department of biochemistry and microbiology at the University of Victoria, is leading a team of international researchers to develop a vaccine for…

Review of ‘BRAT’ by Charli XCX 

Izzie Ramos-Foley and Rowan Grice give Charli XCX’s sixth studio album, BRAT — released June 7, 2024 with Atlantic Records — a rave review.

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Ten restaurant patios to check out in Victoria this summer 

One of the most popular open patio restaurants in downtown Victoria is Craft Beer Market. It opened its doors in September of 2022, replacing Canoe Brewpub, and has been buzzing…

Three little known Vancouver Island hikes to check out this season 

As summer approaches and you begin to plan your season of adventure, consider these recommendations — all located right here in your backyard!

June may be almost over, but Pride events in Victoria are not 

Celebrate pride with the Big Gay Dog Walk around the Gorge Waterway on July 3 at 5:30 p.m. in Banfield Park. Before the walk, there will be a dog costume…


Residence staff began requesting naloxone training in 2022. It took the death of a student for UVic to listen

CLs at UVic may receive naloxone training following tragic death of Sidney McIntyre-Starko, but CLs have been asking for training since 2022.

One of Victoria nightlife’s most beloved events of the year declares: Indie Sleaze is back, baby!

If I wear my Raybans from 2007 and dance really hard… will 2024 just go away? It’s 10 p.m. on a Thursday night in Victoria, B.C. and at Hermann’s Upstairs,…

The changing face of financial fraud

It’s time to look at whether Canadians are prepared for the changing landscape of financial scams powered by AI.


2024 has been the worst, and it’s all because of astrology

Have you barely made it to the end of this semester all in one piece? Has this year been a shit storm of drama and emotional turbulence? Well, you’re not…

Hell is a UVic Cluster party 

The time I spent partying at UVic that fateful fall semester in 2021 is time I’ll never get back. UVic students had the devil in them, and the liquor let…

Which water bottle are you based on your astrology sign? 

If you've heard about the insane Stanley cup craze, it might come as no surprise that I need to write an astrology piece on it.

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