UVic’s freeloading prince

George, UVic's campus peacock. Comic by Sie Douglas-Fish.
Golden toilet with a best in show award.

The best and worst bathrooms on campus

The University of Victoria is home to an array of buildings that vary drastically in age. Thus, it is home to bathrooms that vary drastically in quality. It’s about time…

Why the struggle is real for Engineering students in online courses

The top 5 reasons why engineers are struggling to do well online After enduring an agonizing 10 months of online classes, I’ve learned a lot about why engineering students are…

What your mask says about you

Frankly, it's also illegal not to wear a mask.
2020 masks hanging

An open letter to 2020: a bad acid trip of a year

An open letter to reflect on a year that seemed like a never-ending, hard to explain, really bad fever dream.

In the kingdom of the coronavirus, the social outcast is king

I have observed a number of persons beginning to catalogue their riveting new lives across social media, and in these, one cannot help but observe a trend of gradually-evolving but…

Top five hazmat suits for weathering COVID-19

With the ever-growing and changing threat of the coronavirus, just going outside to grab the mail can seem like a life-or-death situation. If you’re out of soap and hand sanitizer…

Lions, aliens, and Kardashians: The worst conspiracy theories about COVID-19

COVID-19 is spreading around the globe, and so is misinformation about the disease. But these conspiracy theories take misinformation to the next level by completely altering facts and ignoring scientific…

Life after corona: A journey through the wilds of UVic

The quad is an overgrown mess of grass, with the occasional forgotten Blundstone and slackline still dotting the landscape. The nostalgia-inducing smell of freshly burnt coffee, which surprisingly could still…