UVic should learn from academic freedoms violations at other encampments

Columbia, Calgary, and Alberta universities mismanagement of protests for Palestine sets a concerning precedent.

Dear Canucks Fans

The Canucks' first place finish in the Pacific division is a foundation upon which the team is poised to redefine itself.

Sydney Sweeney and the tale of the blonde bombshell 

Sydney Sweeney is Hollywood’s newest occupant of a tired old stereotype. The blonde bombshell has been done.
Dating apps

The downfall of dating apps

My best recommendation is to skip the dating apps, however tempting they may be. The data supports taking it slow, forming friendships first.
Kate Middleton

#KateGate: Kate Middleton reveals her diagnosis and exposes our social media disease

On March 22, Kate Middleton issued a video announcing that she was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing “preventative chemotherapy.”

Digital monoculture: How the internet destroys creativity

Digital monoculture is the result of the pressure to produce homogenous content, and it's killing creative content.

The resurgence of tradwives and their impact on feminism

The tradwife trend takes values from 50s housewife culture, rebranding it with a new twist to increase its appeal to young women. 

How the internet ruins music 

Songs like "Makeba" are swallowed, chewed up, and regurgitated by social media apps until you hate even your favourite songs.

God forbid we watch a musical

Movie-musicals are tricking audiences into thinking their films aren’t musicals by forcing random cameos and omitting the entire soundtrack.

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