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Eco Tip #6 Flexible cardboard

Cardboard is as versatile as pickle jars when it comes to reusing (remember Eco Tip #1?).

Uncommon Cents: RRSPs (and taxes)

“RRSP” may sound boring and, if you are a student, it may seem like a matter you don’t need to worry about for quite some time. However...

App your phone: Crossing the Pond: the escape tool for the hurried traveller

Crossing the Pond: Getting On and Off Vancouver Island is a stunningly simple travel app for iOS that does one thing and does it well

Don’t you toss that cigarette butt

TerraCycle introduces program to recycle cigarettes

Study warns of smartphone addiction

WINDSOR (CUP) —A new survey suggests Canadians are becoming addicted to their smartphones; good news for those in the business, but phone dependency is a real problem. Wind Mobile commissioned…

Eco Tip #5 The student’s new clothes

Clothes are just awesome: they keep us warm, they protect us and they are a way of showing the world our individuality. But as fun as it is to develop…

App review: UVic Events Mobile!

UVic event info app a good concept with a few flaws

Uncommon Cents: Don’t get caught in the credit card debt spiral

When you use a credit card, you are borrowing money from a lender and it has to be paid back.

Time to play: This is your (better) brain on video games

Video gaming is often perceived to be a waste of time and an addictive habit that takes away focus from important tasks. Well, this presumably unnecessary hobby might have unexpected…