What to watch this week at Cinecenta

Much Ado About Nothing, a film based on one of the most loved Shakespearean plays, briefly visited Cinecenta early in September, and it is now back this week by popular…

Stare into the sun

Films can have many layers of meaning. Some can be as simple as the effective use of imagery to convey a metaphor, but other films can look like one thing…

Acclaimed film Blackfish and summer blockbusters come to campus

Campus movie theatre Cinecenta has been featuring a unique selection of praised films, especially documentaries. Throughout next week and the week after, Cinecenta will have a special screening of the…

Cinecenta to spotlight foreign films

This September, Cinecenta will present an ambitious selection of films. Among these, I would like to spotlight two interesting, must-see films that exemplify uniqueness in the medium: The Hunt and…

There’s fun in the formula

How ‘Pacific Rim’ might save mainstream movies from themselves

J.J. Abrams reboots science fiction cinema

While interstellar travel seems far beyond the reaches of our own lifetime, it can’t hurt to dream.

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