UVSS welcomes students back with local music at Frost Fest

The chance for students to combine UVic spirit with downtown nightlife and get classy is a rare one, and one that the inaugural Winter Frost Fest is offering on Jan.…

Walking in a Winterlab wonderland

From Jan. 23 – Feb. 3, Intrepid Theatre presents its new Winterlab festival, which incorporates acts from around the globe in one dynamic, theatrical extravaganza.

Music Rags: Battling hip-hop’s demons

Queens, New York rapper Homeboy Sandman’s latest record, First of a Living Breed, is another important record in what’s quickly becoming a career filled with important releases.

Liquid Diet: A New Year’s stroll down Hemingway lane

My discovery of La Floridita may have come from a New Year’s desire to drink something new, but cocktail-inspired time travel — in this case, to Hemingway-era Cuba — shouldn’t…

Eats, Chews and Leaves: The meaty sizzle of Sura Korean Restaurant

If you’ve ever suspected you were a pyromaniac in a past life, Sura Korean Restaurant deserves your business.

The Art of Exchange: Embrace student housing

University accommodations are never, by anyone’s standard, Shangri-La.

Tips for thrift shopping

Though more taxing than vintage shopping, thrifting has its own rewards

A farewell footnote

Cadboro Bay Book Company says goodbye after 30 years

The New Souls of Victoria funk

You know a band has potential when they can fill a dance floor on a Monday night while being short a key member.

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