Holidays Starbucks would be wise not to exploit for store décor

Knowing thy neighbour

Living too close and hearing too much

TransLink to slap toll on Jeff Bridges

BURNABY (CUP HUMOUR) — Despite taking heat over increasing tolls on major Lower Mainland roads in the fall of 2012, transportation giant TransLink has said that it is planning to…

Sean Bean suffers amnesia

Actor known for portraying characters who die believes himself reincarnated

A single’s guide to the holidays

You’re sitting at a round wooden table in a Starbucks because you couldn’t think of a more original setting for the first date. He’s 10 minutes late.

The real apocalypse of 2012

Due to sudden absence of Wi-Fi and caffeine, North Americans crumble

People dodging: better than intramurals

Here’s what you need to know to get started with the exhilarating campus pastime of people dodging.

Canada to Export Humour to United States

WASHINGTON D.C. — Following a brief meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper yesterday afternoon, President Barack Obama announced that America will proceed with a controversial plan to import Canadian…


Things people can have in common that will not help conversation on a first date

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