Valentine’s Day: stress in a heart-shaped box

Ever since Grade 2, Valentine’s Day has been an occasion of dread for me.

Editorial: Remembering both ends of the libido spectrum

This week’s issue is mostly about sex.

The futility of using terror to fight terror

Ever since the attacks of 9-11, Western governments have been focused on fighting the seemingly endless “war on terror.”

Idle No More apart

Indigenous people across North America are raising their voices as one and speaking in the only way we can hear them.

When hot yoga leaves you cold

If people think yoga is a good form of exercise even though all you do is stand around in different poses, then sweating more must mean it’s more effective, right?

Editorial: Super Bowl shenanigans

Each year, the public expects bigger and better: more fireworks, more choreography and an everlasting lineup up of mega-superstars.

Style vomit: A milieu of millinery

Accessorizing is one way of defining a personal style. The use of the accessory can define an individual aesthetic.

Are guns really the problem?

We shouldn’t allow the government to have a monopoly over assault weapons because, historically speaking, they can’t be trusted any more than the rest of us.

The trouble with UVic’s bursary application questions

When applying for the UVic general bursary this October, I was asked to respond to a question that made me feel uncomfortable.

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