Growing pains: Generation of communication

We watched the cast of Radio Free Roscoe wait impatiently for their friends to call, but little did they know the greater horrors of typing a message and waiting for…

Finding your family during the holidays

I come from a small town in the Interior that, despite all its aesthetic charm, really has nothing. Absolutely nothing, except in some cases the horror of small-town trivialities and…

Marijuana legalization needed in Canada

The recent legalization of marijuana by the states of Colorado and Washington shows that attitudes towards the drug have been changing.

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Editorial: War on the War on Men

If your ears have been tuned to the web at all these last few months, you’ve heard plenty of invective about male and female gender roles.


Week of December 6

Remember the players; forget the ref

Applaud Canada’s previous soccer success as we prepare for the 2015 World Cup

A right to canvass, a right to engage

Our democracy is predicated upon the principle that we, as citizens, cast a ballot for our preferred candidate in an election. To do this, we must have knowledge of the…

Russian Rocket deserves his spot in Hockey Hall of Fame

On Nov. 12, former Canucks icon Pavel Bure was finally given a spot in the prestigious Hockey Hall of Fame after six years of being passed up by the selection…

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