Welcome to the world of cash

“Cash or debit?” was the question of the moment as the mouth-watering aroma of baked cheese and pepperoni tickled seductively at your salivary glands. The dinner of champions—well, students anyways—is…

Five-or-more-year degrees the norm at UVic?

My winding path through university has led me to transfer from UVic to Queen’s University and back to UVic in the span of five years. Spending time at universities on…

Physical in physics

n the best possible university scenario, classes should be the best part of your day. Whether or not they actually are is another matter. Here’s the thing about classes: classes…

The sunny quad may seem inviting, but your studies may be suffering

Alas, summer in Victoria is short lived. “You won’t be seeing much sun here for the next eight months,” I said to a new UVic business student from Calgary. −30°C…

What do you think of the athletic and recreation facilities on campus?

Andrew Wolf Fourth year Geography  “I like the Vikes recreational facilities, because I use them mostly for intramurals. If I had to make one change, I would like to see…

Kickin’ it old school: What’s the rush, young cub?

I read the words over and over again, almost laughing out loud like they were a punch-line from one of my favourite comedy shows: “I’ve played the numbers game in…

Kickin’ it old school: Student life, single-parent style

Backpack? Check. Textbooks? Check. Day old Egg McMuffin? Check. What?! Nope, not this time around. I’m no longer a 20-something-year-old student heading off for a typical day at college and…

Kickin’ it old school: Mid life and back at school

Everything was done by the book: you finished high school, went to college, got a job, met your soul mate, settled down and then took the obvious final step and…

Advertisements affect eating choices adversely, authors say

Where do you get your nutritional advice? Inspired by the connection between student health and learning, the authors of the recently published nutrition book Eat to Save Your Life suggest…

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