streeters_Paul Moquin
Paul Moquin


“We had small classes, and it was very interactive. I had lots of contact — as much contact as I wanted. I wouldn’t change a thing.”


streeters_Nadia Hamdon
Nadia Hamdon

Fourth year
Gender Studies and Political Science

“More interactive course work that’s involved in the community — relaying your academic knowledge in a way that benefits your community.”


streeters_Steve Harrison
Steve Harrison


“I personally can’t think of a way to make it better. I’m sure it’s not perfect, but I can’t think of a good way to make it better.”


streeters_Michelle Moreno
Michelle Moreno

Fourth year
Women’s Studies

“I’d like to see a more inclusive curriculum.”


streeters_Misha MacDonald
Misha MacDonald
Third year
Psychology and Anthropology

“If I could change anything about my classroom experience, I’d make it so that the students get to direct their own studies within the classroom and have a more community-based model of teaching. That way, everyone is more involved and people aren’t just falling asleep in class.”


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