Eco Tip

Simple tips for staying green

Meatless Mondays From cattle to patty, we are often unaware of the enormous amount of grain, water, land, and energy required to produce meat products. You don’t have to go…

Eco Tip #7 A self-made Valentine’s gift

Since this issue is dedicated to the best feeling in the world, I’ve decided to come up with an Eco Love Tip.

Eco Tip #6 Flexible cardboard

Cardboard is as versatile as pickle jars when it comes to reusing (remember Eco Tip #1?).

Eco Tip #5 The student’s new clothes

Clothes are just awesome: they keep us warm, they protect us and they are a way of showing the world our individuality. But as fun as it is to develop…

Eco Tip #4: Avoid, reuse and re-reuse plastic bags

Plastic bags make great stuffing (not the edible kind, though). Whether you send fragile items by mail or pack moving boxes, balled-up plastic bags are great for making sure your…

Eco Tip #3: Never buy wrapping paper again

I've made it a personal policy to never buy wrapping paper for gifts. Yes, I am one of those people who — if it’s pretty paper — will carefully unstick…

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