one million trees

One Million Trees documentary uncovers the roots of the tree planting community

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a tree planter? Look no further. The documentary, One Million Trees, gives an honest insight into what tree planting is all…
Inconvenient Indian from VIFF

Vancouver’s Virtual VIFF: Five Canadian must-sees from the first online VIFF

Here are my five must-sees from the 39th VIFF’s Canadian line-up!

Acclaimed film Blackfish and summer blockbusters come to campus

Campus movie theatre Cinecenta has been featuring a unique selection of praised films, especially documentaries. Throughout next week and the week after, Cinecenta will have a special screening of the…

Cinecenta to spotlight foreign films

This September, Cinecenta will present an ambitious selection of films. Among these, I would like to spotlight two interesting, must-see films that exemplify uniqueness in the medium: The Hunt and…