prime minister

Scott Morrison’s leadership is a death sentence for Australia

"For the past couple of decades, Australia’s fires have been getting bigger and more destructive, but Prime Minister Scott Morrison says that, while he recognizes the connection between global climate…

How many trees does it take to elect a Prime Minister?

"I worked as a poll clerk at one of the 192 polling divisions in the Victoria riding. This was the first election in which I’ve worked, and I was astounded…

UVic’s Arctic initiatives showcased in PM’s annual tour

UVic president Jamie Cassels and Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) president Dr. Kate Moran met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other key government officials this August as part of Harper’s…

The bewildering Mr. Harper

There’s a moment in Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln in which Thaddeus Stevens, played by Tommy Lee Jones, asks his flustered staff, “Hasn’t he [Abraham Lincoln] surprised you?” In many ways, Prime…

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