New book reveals famed punk band had their start at UVic

NoMeansNo: From Obscurity To Oblivion by Jason Lamb reveals that the famed punk band had their start at UVic.
Anteater Eater

Beloved indie band returns after hiatus

Anteater Eater has spent the majority of the past two years balancing sudden hiatuses and surprise returns.

Buddy Puked goes viral with “aggressively juvenile” song “Ad Hominem”

Punk band formed on campus goes after Jordan Peterson in the single for their new album, “Postmodern Times” “He’s the universal soldier and he really is to blame.” “There’s a…

Victoria punk band Collagen returns after two-year hiatus

Their debut EP was named one of the 20 best Canadian punk demos of 2015 by Aux Magazine. Now, after 22 months of silence, Victoria-based Collagen finally released their sophomore…

Fat Wreck Chords documentary set to crash The Roxy

When Greg Pratt, managing editor of the Nexus Newspaper at Camosun College, received a Facebook message three years ago from Texas filmmaker Shaun Colón asking him to help produce a…

Toronto punk outfit PUP sets its sights on Victoria

The Toronto band PUP started mak- ing raucous high-energy punk music together in 2013, and have refused to stop ever since. Over the last two years, they have played nearly…

Victoria band ‘Leisure Suit’ brings class to the post-punk scene

As their name suggests, if there’s one thing Victoria based band Leisure Suit has over other local acts, it’s their dress code. The quartet rarely perform without keeping up to…

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