How to create a martyr and incite violence: the Trumpian guide to targeted killing

"Targeted killings are delicate things which should be carried out in a way that ensures, to the greatest extent possible, plausible deniability. In true Trumpian style, Soleimani’s killing was the…

Blood and bruises: inclusive classrooms gone wrong

B.C. teachers and students are increasingly at risk of attack in a system that cannot support traumatized and violent children in regular classrooms, and the University of Victoria falls woefully…

Women’s Centre prepares to Take Back the Night

On the Nov. 27, the UVSS Women’s Centre will host Take Back the Night (TBTN). As part of a greater global event, TBTN is a movement to stop sexualized violence…

The right discussion for the wrong reasons

Fighting should—and in all likelihood will—be eliminated from hockey at all levels of the game. When that day comes, it will not be because Connor McDavid broke his hand, or…

UVic-wide campaign speaks out for consent

or the first time, Sexualized Violence Awareness Week will be included as part of UVic’s New Student Orientation. The Anti-Violence Project (AVP), the on-campus sexual assault centre, is co-operating with…

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