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UPDATE: Board of Directors votes against electoral report

The UVSS Board of Directors voted unanimously against ratifying the UVSS Elections Office’s electoral report on Monday, April 18, over concerns that the report’s recommendations did not adequately address harassment…

Woke UVic disqualification overruled

An arbitration panel has found insufficient grounds to disqualify Woke UVic from the 2016 UVSS elections, and has overturned the previous rulings of the UVSS Elections Chief Electoral Officer and…

Woke UVic disqualified, appeals ruling; Senate and BoG results released

UPDATE March 23: The disqualification has been overruled. On Tuesday, March 8, the UVSS Elections office announced that the entire Woke UVic slate had been disqualified from the UVSS student…

No, slate-specific polling stations aren’t breaking any rules—technically

If you’ve been anywhere outside on campus today, there’s a good chance you’ve been approached by candidates from all three slates currently running for student elections. You may have also noticed a…

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