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Delving into the cryptocurrency phenomenon

Anyone who’s ever tried to send money electronically knows that it can be a huge hassle. Wire transfer fees are outrageous; currency brokers like Western Union might charge as much…

Victoria crowdfunds movies and more

Correction: This story has been edited since publication to reflect that a four per cent fee is collected from successful fixed funding campaigns, not those that fall short.   Entrepreneurial…

The cyberbirds and the cyberbees

Cybersex may be a taboo subject for some, but in academic circles, no issue is off the table. Post-Doctoral Fellow Krystelle Shaughnessy, of the Department of Psychology and the Centre…

Will to game: Multi-touch

Playing games is a great way to share experiences with your partner, possibly while gaining experience points. Video games in particular can be an important part of any relationship; they…

Bitcoin 101

Imagine this: you’re shopping online for a new Hello Kitty iPhone cover. You go to pay the merchant, but rather than giving them a credit card number, you transfer money…

Enternships may be the new internships

In today’s still-shaky economic climate, it’s no surprise that recent graduates are sometimes struggling to land their dream job, and that a degree isn’t necessarily the golden ticket that it…

Plan to plan your finances

Life is not a smooth cruise on a straight highway; it is a rocky mountain road full of curves, bumps, bruises, and turns. No one can predict for certain how…

Uncommon cents: The right attitude towards finance

My name is Michael Hemmings, and I am a consultant with Investors Group, an all-Canadian, nearly 100-year-old financial planning company. Over the next few months, I will be producing several…

Eating for two

Among all the forms that charitable organizations can take, there is an enormous variety of methodology and approaches to logistics, even when the different groups are attempting the same basic…

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