Three films to watch for at this year’s Victoria Film Festival

With the New Year comes the annual Victoria Film Festival (VFF). If you’ve never been to the VFF, it is a ten-day event running from Feb. 4-13 with the opportunity…

Cinecenta celebrates 50 years as a campus and community hub

For 50 years, the UVic campus movie theatre has been a home away from home for students, community members, and a close bunch of long-serving staff members. Despite the challenges…
The French Dispatch trailer screenshot via Searchlight Pictures.

The French Dispatch is finally here — and it’s delightful

Like almost every facet of human existence, the movie The French Dispatch was thrown for a loop when the pandemic broke out. The film, indie darling Wes Anderson’s 10th feature,…
Screenshot of Antarctica trailer, via BBC Earth on YouTube.

Life in earth’s most unforgiving climate: Victoria IMAX premieres “Antarctica”

Two four tonne bull elephant seals clash against each other, their blubber rippling in crisp slow motion, as they fight for territory and mates in one of the most unforgiving…
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Five must-watch films from Vancouver International Film Festival’s 40th Birthday

For the second year running, Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) has created an online, COVID-friendly alternative to their annual, globally-recognized film festival.
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Inaugural University of Victoria Indigenous Film Festival features three short films created by Indigenous UVic students and alumni

On Nov. 13, the Native Students Union hosted their first ever Indigenous film festival live at Cinecenta and online. The event featured three short films produced by recent Indigenous UVic…
Inconvenient Indian from VIFF

Vancouver’s Virtual VIFF: Five Canadian must-sees from the first online VIFF

Here are my five must-sees from the 39th VIFF’s Canadian line-up!

Marie Clements’s film Red Snow illuminates unexplored relationships

In her film Red Snow, shown on Feb. 13 at the Victoria Film Festival, Marie Clements draws connections between the experiences of the Gwich’in and the Afghan people post-9/11. She…

Indigenous stories from UVic featured in The Camp(us)

Throughout history, education has been used to further and institutionalize colonialism. A newly released film shot at UVic seeks to unpack those dynamics, connecting the experiences of students at UVic…