A farewell footnote

Cadboro Bay Book Company says goodbye after 30 years

The New Souls of Victoria funk

You know a band has potential when they can fill a dance floor on a Monday night while being short a key member.

Liquid Diet: Mama . . . what?

On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I discovered the country’s national drink is called mamajuana. Yes, it sounds just like that — “mama wanna.” Now, I know what…

Upload the undead

What we can learn from zombies

The art of exchange: Why you should spend a semester abroad 

In September 2012, Kenzi Green travelled to Norwich, United Kingdom, to do a semester abroad at the University of East Anglia. This is the first of three installments about her…

Eats, chews and leaves: Nothing foul about Swans Brewpub

A large group of friends needs a place to come together each week. Why do you think so many television shows take place at restaurants? Seinfeld wouldn’t be the same…

Music Rags: Welcome to the First Church of The Ultimate Fanaticism

Scott H. Biram on musical transformation, religion, and folk music not paying the bills

JANUARY 17–26 Events Calendar

EDUCATIONAL EVENTS    Thursday, January 17 “Rich in Food”: Revitalizing  Traditional Food on the  Northwest Coast   If you think our food supply on Vancouver Island is secure, guess again…

The martlet looks at . . . the top new year’s resolutions in canada and how long they last

Statistics from the Toronto Star Library

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