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April 4 - 10

‘Intellectual icebreaker’ joins the literary with the un-literary

WordsThaw symposium opens discussion on fiction, food and poverty

Young Calgary pianist brings old music to Victoria

Lisiecki, 17, is one of the fastest-emerging pianists in the world of classical music.

Revel in the experience of Relish Food & Coffee

Open only for breakfast and lunch during the week and brunch on Saturdays, the limited hours create a sense of exclusivity.

The musical heights of Dominique Fricot

Dominique Fricot, a Vancouver-based musician known for his mellow and heartfelt tracks, played a show at Victoria’s Lucky Bar on Jan. 29.

Why the vernal equinox is worth remembering

The spring equinox has lost its significance for many, but as recently as the 1840s, it was an exciting event, particularly for the youth and young lovers throughout Central Europe.

The truth at 24 frames per second: I am Disney fan, hear me roar

The 21st century is a fascinating time to grow up, in part because of our complex modern relationship with stories.

Wiggle your trunk at the Tree Huggers Ball

For those who find themselves worn out from all the petition-signing or phone-calling, the third annual Tree Huggers Ball is being held at Felicita’s on Saturday, March 23, by the…

Events Calendar: March 27 – April 3

Wednesday, April 3 Lansdowne Public Lecture: “Everything from nothing, or how our universe was made”

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