Bestselling author kicks off Victoria’s first gluten-free festival

Gluten-free eating is a concept that has exploded in popularity since seminal text Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis, revealed the apparent myriad of health complexities behind North Americans’ staple…

The best places to go on a date in Victoria

As Valentine’s Day grows ever nearer—whether you’re celebrating the season with a first date, your significant other, or even a friend—it’s always fun to try something different and exciting with…

Pacific Coast Pretty: Be a violet vixen this Valentine’s Day

Don’t be caught with run-of-the-mill red lipstick if Cupid’s arrows fly your way this Valentine’s Day. While everyone else is turning to traditional hues like baby pink, cherry red, and…

Fuel for Sex: Let’s splurge

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The one day a year that calendars designate to feeling the love, spreading the love, all the love! Although I’m a fan of year-round love, I like…

Events: February 6 – 22

ART  Saturday, Feb. 8 “RED” Get yourself in the loving mood with “RED,” an event at the Coast Collective Art Centre at 3221 Heatherbell Road. The afternoon will showcase red-themed…

Gay dating in Victoria

In a dating world that primarily caters to cisgender, heterosexual individuals, queer people of all denominations are often forced to put in extra effort to find a candidate worthy of…

Live together or die trying

Dear significant other, When I was about to move in with you almost a year ago, my sister warned me that things would change. I thought, she must be wrong,…

Music for the mood—and more

Preferred genres of music are not unlike fetishes. Everybody has their own small collection of likes and dislikes, which can make it hard to find someone who’s into all the…

How to seduce an introvert

When I took the Myers-Briggs test in 2011, things suddenly began to make a lot of sense. It revealed that I rated fairly strongly on the side of introversion, which…

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