I’m 21 years old; leave me alone, marriage-mongers

All the single ladies should not put their hands up — seriously, put them down

Horoscopes for very specific groups of people: Astrology for people who need to figure it out

This is my last horoscope everybody, so pay attention

Bequeathing the last Twinkie on Earth

A final will and testament written in the year 2050

Recycling hurts planet, job prospects

Many of you already know I’m not a B.C. native. I hail from Ontario, often referred to as the Best Province, the Centre of Canada, the Canadian Heartland or my…

A stitch in time saves nine or maybe more

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of exercise. The mayor regularly consults me on ways to prevent wayward youths from getting into sports, and the National Association for…

Horoscopes for very specific groups of people: Astrology for kung fu action film stars

Your kung fu should be strong for this one . . .

Stop thanking your bus driver

Dear anonymous bus driver: someone else has already done me the courtesy of vandalising the back of one of your bus seats with these words: “Stop thanking these mutant bus…

The eternal question: when to make the move?

Is it time for me to kiss you?

Protecting yourself from patrons of public transit

Simple steps to ward off unwanted social interaction on your commute

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