Intuition and inquiry: medicine for the masses

Popular opinion in our society is divided over the subject of healthcare. With the rise of “alternative” medicine, “conventional” or “Western” medicine is under scrutiny, and people are taking sides…

Human organs from a printer

Imagine you are suffering from liver disease, in desperate need of a transplant. Odds are you would be part of a long waiting list to receive a donated organ. What…

The Digital Frontier, Part III: Fighting crime on the darknet

The internet poses one of the foremost challenges for today’s law enforcement. From material published on servers halfway across the world and out of reach, to the formidable security and…

The Digital Frontier Part II: The darknet bazaar

Electronic currency is not a new concept, but its definition is beginning to change. The predecessors of electronic payment systems like credit cards and debit cards emerged in the first…

The Digital Frontier Part I: Dark side of the net

The Internet as we now know it may be many things, but anonymous is not necessarily one of them. Originally put together by ARPA, the U.S. military’s Advanced Research Projects…

The cyberbirds and the cyberbees

Cybersex may be a taboo subject for some, but in academic circles, no issue is off the table. Post-Doctoral Fellow Krystelle Shaughnessy, of the Department of Psychology and the Centre…

Low salmon returns make for hormonal bears

A recent study has uncovered that coastal grizzly bears are more prone to hostile behaviour when salmon numbers are low. The study, conducted by the University of Victoria, the University…

UVic’s Ocean Networks Canada heads to China for international partnerships

Ocean Networks Canada (previously called the ONC Centre for Enterprise and Engagement) is a world-leading national research facility, based at the University of Victoria, that specializes in deep-sea observation programs…

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