Please stop commenting on my height

I can’t remember the last time I went out during the weekend without receiving an unsolicited comment about my height. These remarks are almost always good-hearted, but they can get…

Erasing A: Why are no ACE/ARO characters in film and TV?

2SLGBTQIA+ representation is rising, but the media still has a huge blind spot for those identifying as asexual   Statistics released by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)…
Illustration by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Vanilla sex deserves a redemption arc

Living in an increasingly sex-positive culture has lifted the burden of so much unnecessary shame around sex. From casual hookups to kinks to voluntary abstinence, there is more conversation than…

Why circumcision is potentially ruining your sex life

I’m not saying that everyone who is circumcised is worse off for it. But it’s time we critically consider the pros and cons of circumcision.

It’s time to dethrone and re-conceptualize Valentine’s Day

While the show portrays Galentine’s Day as the day before Valentine’s Day, I propose Valentine’s Day be completely dethroned and re-conceptualized. And since platonic love is not only just for…
Letter to the editor

Letters: A Response to my Younger Self

It has been ten years since the Martlet published my letter to the editor documenting my experience at an on-campus event, and since then, my perspective has changed. At that event,…

Dating apps foster superficial connection, but it is possible to find a long-term match

Nowadays, so many people I talk to have stories about hookups or one-time dates they met on Tinder. The app has become synonymous with casual sex and dating, not relationships. However,…

The current state of tipping needs to change

Everyone deserves to make a livable wage, but why is that burden being put on me, a student just trying to afford a lunch out?
A woman in a medical coat, mask, and holding a needle in a hospital. Photo by Ani Kolleshi via Unsplash.

The pre-med preoccupation

“I need to get a good mark in this class or else I won’t get into med school!” If you’ve ever been in a biology class, this statement may sound…

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