Personal Paradise: Saxe Point

Saxe Point is a great example of how you don’t have to go far in Victoria to see the natural beauty of the West Coast.  Just head down Esquimalt Road, turn…

Personal Paradise: Swan Lake

Swan Lake provides the perfect sanctuary for those who like light walking and hanging out with thousands of birds and small animals along the way. Located on Swan Lake Road…

Simple tips for staying green

Meatless Mondays From cattle to patty, we are often unaware of the enormous amount of grain, water, land, and energy required to produce meat products. You don’t have to go…

Personal paradise: East Sooke Park

East Sooke Park is a wonderful example of West Coast nature, with arbutus trees, rocky shores, and the obligatory seagulls. Among the lookout points and private beaches, you can feel the…

Five tips for staying organized

If you’re a student—and even if you’re not—it becomes increasingly difficult to prioritize your time and attention when classes, labs, tutorials, coursework, assignments, a job, chores, and maintaining relationships all…

Lasagna macaroni

This recipe may cause you to eat nothing but pasta for a week.

Halloween how-to

Impress your friends this Halloween by creating your own prosthetics. A mixture of liquid latex and oatmeal can be turned into an infected wound for a gruesome zombie costume. Try…

Vegetarian organic gluten-free comfort chili

The beauty of this recipe is that, for the most part, it takes about 15 minutes of actual cooking, and the rest of it is just waiting.

Chocolate pudding

Serves four... well, maybe two

Can’t get enough?

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