A guide to on-campus housing at UVic

Before coming to UVic, I found it nearly impossible to find any pictures or advice regarding the various residence buildings and dorm options. 

Advice from recent and soon-to-be graduates

With graduation season behind us and the next school year just around the corner, we have a few pieces of advice to impart.

A letter to my first-year self

Are you anxious about starting university? Missing your first year at UVic? Here's some advice from your future self about the challenges you're about to face.

How to kick those Winter Blues to the curb

Tips and tricks for staying on top of your mental health this season As the sun sets, I glance over at the clock to see it is only 4:23 p.m.…

What not to do in your first year

Unfortunate true stories that should inspire UVic’s fresh faces to not do the same Always be prepared, especially when writing exams. I was writing a midterm for a math course in my…

Dear Birdie #8

Sex, sex, and sex Dear Birdie: My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex yet, but we’re planning on it. I feel very comfortable with him and I think I’m ready,…

Dear Birdie #7: Roommates, relatives, and resolutions

In the excitement of the first month of school, I agreed to be housemates with a group of people once we leave res in second year. However, as the semester…

STREETERS: If you could give first-year students one piece of advice going into exam season, what would it be?

“[First-years should] find the right sources and make sure that they find a lot of friends … then they have friends to compare their homework with and to also study…

Dear Birdie #4

Sick family, selfish friends, and sorry financials Dear Birdie: My grandmother’s health is getting pretty bad, but I’m not even in the same province, and I haven’t seen her since…

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