anti-asian racism

UVic, let’s go beyond anti-racism workshops and towards structural changes

Community-centered resilience is key in dismantling institutional oppressions In response to the Atlanta shootings last week, UVic President Kevin Hall put out a statement. Hall is committing to dismantling “these…
Chinese Canadian Museum

Newly-opened Chinese Canadian Museum of BC gives Chinese Canadian history “A Seat at the Table”

Chinese Canadian history given “A Seat at the Table” with opening of museum in Vancouver’s Chinatown, exploring history and identities of Chinese Canadians in B.C.

Racism is an unwanted heirloom that passes through generations

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, reports about police brutality and its victims surfaced.

Mona Wang’s case offers an opportunity to reflect on anti-Asian racism in Canada

Content warning: this article discusses police violence and racism. Some elements may be disturbing for some readers.  I’d like to thank Dr. Chris Willmore for his teachings on early Chinese-Canadian…