Board meeting

April 6 UVSS Board Meeting Recap

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the UVSS Board of Directors met for nearly three hours through the online video conference app Zoom — and discussed events from the 2020 UVSS election,…

Tweetcap | Feb. 10 UVSS Board meeting

Many board members attended the legislature to assist land defenders in their protests against pipeline expansion in Indigenous territories. Meanwhile, the UVSS Board of Directors meeting addressed sustainable food on…

UVSS Nov. 4 Board of Directors meeting recap

In a brisk meeting, the UVSS board welcomed a new representative to the table, and made a promise to object a Saanich council bylaw restricting the number of unrelated people…

Mar. 25 UVSS Tweetcap: Ratification of election results, confusion on VIPIRG

Mar. 25 was a beautiful day and the sun was still covering campus in a warm glow by the time the UVSS meeting rolled around at 6 p.m. As the…

UVSS directors alter in camera policy at June 30 meeting

Board no longer required to include topics of discussion before moving to in camera After two weeks apart, the UVSS Board of Directors met on July 30 to discuss the…

UVSS Board meeting recaps

What happened at the Sept. 25 and Oct. 2 meetings The UVSS Board of Directors has met on the past few Monday nights, Sept. 25 and Oct. 2, which means…

Electoral report and Third Space wall discussed at UVSS board meeting

With the UVSS Board of Director’s term coming to a close, the days of fiery and fierce UVSS board meetings are seemingly behind us. But here’s the recap of what…

Board of Directors debates right to party, supports Trutch name change

Despite the four-hour-long slog that was the UVSS Board of Directors meeting two weeks ago, I headed back to Vertigo on Jan. 23 to report on what was hip and…

Board of Directors rings in semester with policy deadlock, new referendum

After contracting a cold over the holiday period, I arrived at 2017’s first UVSS meeting with bronchitis. Unfortunately, that may have been the least painful experience of the four-hour marathon…

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