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Letter to the editor

Climate change is going to cost us more

The extreme weather events, will cost taxpayers billions. In addition to Future-Proofing our infrastructure against the effects of Climate Change, which is increasing extreme weather events with new avenues of…
District energy plant at UVic, photo by UVic Photo Services.

UVic braces for a changing climate

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officially announced that July 2021 had the highest average monthly temperature ever recorded. At the end of June, temperatures in Victoria approached 40°C. Stores…
graphic of women mending clothes for environment

Four important ways individuals can take action for our planet

While corporations are a major cause of the climate crisis, individual citizens are not helpless. There are a range of ways people can change their actions or join the collective…
hiker in a forest

Personal Protective Equipment remains crucial for the fight against COVID-19, but comes with environmental impacts

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) has risen sharply around the world.
climate strike photo

EDITORIAL | What if we treated climate change like a pandemic?

COVID-19 is indisputably a global crisis that demands an immediate, effective, and informed response. It deserves the effort, money, and attention being devoted to it. However, the coronavirus is just…

UVic Board of Governors reveals funding fossil fuel companies actually a cure for climate change

After seven long years of hearing the cries for divestment from fossil fuels from students and faculty and many hours of crunching numbers over lunch in the University Club, the…
David strong uvic

UVic Free Speech Club to host Mayor Lisa Helps on campus

Victoria’s Mayor Lisa Helps will be speaking at an event hosted by UVic’s Free Speech Club tomorrow on campus. Although Bekesza claims they don’t allow speech that incites violence, it’s…

The New Twenties Magazine sets a new pace for climate change discourse

A newly-launched online magazine produced by UVic alums, The New Twenties, publishes climate-focused art and literature with a laser-focused aim to restructure the way people see climate change.

Scott Morrison’s leadership is a death sentence for Australia

"For the past couple of decades, Australia’s fires have been getting bigger and more destructive, but Prime Minister Scott Morrison says that, while he recognizes the connection between global climate…

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