Q&A with singer-songwriter Nate Silas

UVic grad, Nate Silas, has a self-written song titled “Wandering Lunacy”, which pays tribute to an old friend.

What are earthquakes, and can climate change cause them? 

Nissen says an earthquake is “a sudden release of stored elastic strain energy within the Earth caused by the motion of tectonic plates.”
Satan Wants You

“Satan Wants You” tells the story of “two lives colliding in the most unexpected and horrible way” 

In an age of misinformation and rampant media sensationalism, the real-life story depicted in Satan Wants You, while shocking, fits right into today's landscape.
Caden Teneycke, photo provided by Caden.

Meet the UVic student who has gained over 650 000 followers on TikTok

Caden Teneycke is a first-year business student here at UVic. He has been creating vlogs and internet content since he was 11, but his popularity has recently skyrocketed on TikTok.

A critical look at Canada 150: Annalee Lepp

We asked community leaders and educators about Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary, to reflect on this country’s present, past, and future. Annalee Lepp | Chair of the Gender Studies Department The Martlet:…

Director-at-large candidates 2015

Learn more about the UVSS director-at-large candidates for 2015.

1-on-1: Thomas Drance

Drance shared his thoughts on the current state of sports in the media and answered some questions on the future of sports journalism in the online world.

Music rags: An awkward date with a teen pop idol

Aaron Carter tries to show Canada some love

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