McPherson Library

New Tek Booths available for booking in McPherson Library

Following the renovation of McPherson Library, “Tek Booths” have arrived for private, quiet space for online work and meetings. 
The McPherson Library men's bathroom, photo by Braedon Lowey.

Who is the shy pooper king?

Raindrops rolled down the foggy window of my second-floor perch as I peered out at the open umbrellas weaving through the quad, obscuring the figures underneath, nothing but legs. It…
McPherson Library in December, 2022, photo via UVic on Instagram (@universityofvictoria).

The name behind the McPherson Library

The McPherson Library is a focal point of our campus — located at the head of the quad, it is a building that almost everyone passes coming or going from…
UVic library

UVic library renovations include increased study space and new service desk

A brand new look is coming to the first floor of the McPherson Library this spring, with benefits such as a new service desk and increased study space for the…
uvic library

A UVic student guide to the library’s support services

The library expects to return to business as usual this fall For many students, the library is a space to study. But beyond the desk spaces and dusty books, the…
pornography in the library from gale archives wet dreams

Why is there pornography in the library?

Erotica of the past is important to understanding sexuality of the present. PORNOGRAPHY! IN THE LIBRARY! I just thought you ought to know. Yes, UVic’s archives and databases contain many…
study tips graphic

4 pandemic study tips for UVic students

How to manage school while stuck at home This year, most UVic students will be attending their classes from home. This new reality has made it hard for many of…

How Ry Moran followed his path back to UVic

Moran, a member of the Red River Métis, will serve as UVic’s inaugural associate librarian with a focus on reconciliation this fall Ry Moran was in Nepal when he stumbled…

The most diverse library in Victoria is inside the SUB

This library pales in size comparison to the towering bookshelves residing in the McPherson library or the vast foyer of the Law library. When you walk into the SOCC office,…

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