Toronto gets ice storm for Christmas

Three days before Christmas, the power went out for Toronto resident Evan Yeong. Freezing rain had assaulted Toronto for several days. The ice that built up on trees eventually caused…

Over 130 rallies Canada-wide unite against tankers and pipelines

On Nov. 16, Canadians united at over 130 gathering places across the country to rally against tanker and pipeline plans that could threaten the B.C. coast. In Victoria, hundreds gathered…

Federal government struggles toward greater transparency

Ever since the Canadian Senate scandal in October, transparency has been a hot topic in Ottawa. All three major parties are trying to prove their accountability. During the Conservative party’s…

Campaign proposes new labels on fuel pumps

Environmental group Our Horizon is keen to put images of arctic ice floes melting, children starving, or species going extinct in front of consumers while they fuel up. The group…

York University looks to hire teaching-only faculty

The Gazette — ONTARIO — Most students are aware that an extensive amount of their professors’ time goes to research in addition to their teaching duties. York University, however, has…

UVic’s Ocean Networks Canada heads to China for international partnerships

Ocean Networks Canada (previously called the ONC Centre for Enterprise and Engagement) is a world-leading national research facility, based at the University of Victoria, that specializes in deep-sea observation programs…

Changing demographics suggest greater need for donor blood

Canadian Blood Services reports that every year the organization sees a two per cent increase in the demand for blood donations and approximately every minute someone in Canada is in…

Quebec premier proposes religious-neutrality legislation

On Sept. 10, the Parti Québécois (PQ) presented details of its proposed Quebec Values Charter.  This legislation would “reportedly ban all public-sector employees from wearing religious symbols [at work] and…

Canadian Senate on the table for reform, after misconduct

When Parliament resumes in October, there will be tough questions about the fate of the Canadian Senate. Public figures including federal Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair are calling for the abolishment…

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