Soldiers need Canada to take responsibility with PTSD education and support

Late last year, Canadians were saddened to learn that four soldiers committed suicide in less than a week as a result of struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Earlier this…

The Lens: Russian Olympics

Pacific Coast Pretty: Be a violet vixen this Valentine’s Day

Don’t be caught with run-of-the-mill red lipstick if Cupid’s arrows fly your way this Valentine’s Day. While everyone else is turning to traditional hues like baby pink, cherry red, and…

The importance of being Miley

Hypocritically, I guess, I have become indifferent to Miley Cyrus’s behaviour as I type this. But now I’ve committed myself to fuelling her publicity once again. Cyrus has made her…

Let’s talk about sex: Celi—but…

Oh, Valentine’s Day. You filthy minx, you. Now, this week’s issue is a tricky one for me, because (unlike the rest of the year) I’m not the only one writing…

Will to game: Multi-touch

Playing games is a great way to share experiences with your partner, possibly while gaining experience points. Video games in particular can be an important part of any relationship; they…

Rethinking the one-night stand

One-night stands are among the most taboo of weekend activities. It is difficult to go through university life without this topic being presented in some form. It is a slang…

The Lens: Valentine’s Day

Music for the mood—and more

Preferred genres of music are not unlike fetishes. Everybody has their own small collection of likes and dislikes, which can make it hard to find someone who’s into all the…

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