Beyond the question of ethics

Seven months ago, Dr. Donald Low, known to the public primarily as a calming authority figure during the panic of the 2003 SARS outbreak in Toronto, was diagnosed with a…

The customer is always right—except when they’re wrong

I like to think I’m not a homicidal maniac, but sometimes my retail job makes me think I’m wrong. I work in a clothing store which shall remain nameless for…

Keep your hands off my weed

Supporters of cannabis decriminalization have until Dec. 5 to collect signatures for the “Sensible B.C.” petition from registered voters. The petition calls for a provincial referendum in 2014. The referendum…

Alternative medicine on campus

There is a centre on the main floor of the Student Union Building (SUB) that offers appointments for, amongst other things, acupuncture and chiropractic. Jill Cooper, who works at the…

So who does hold sway over the University of Victoria?

Dear community, students, faculty, staff and administration, do you know who’s in charge of the University of Victoria? The university’s website states “the Board of Governors is responsible for the…

Quebec Charter of Values must be the last nail in the coffin of separatism

History is full of stories of people who fought for democracy and sacrificed their lives to have liberty in different parts of the world. Freedom fighters, libertarians, socialists, communists, republicans,…

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