Graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Labels, phobias, philias, and everything in between

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love is in the air and students are abuzz with anticipation. Students are excited to go out with their significant others, or find dates…
Illustration by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Vanilla sex deserves a redemption arc

Living in an increasingly sex-positive culture has lifted the burden of so much unnecessary shame around sex. From casual hookups to kinks to voluntary abstinence, there is more conversation than…

Why circumcision is potentially ruining your sex life

I’m not saying that everyone who is circumcised is worse off for it. But it’s time we critically consider the pros and cons of circumcision.

GEM’s SEXPO event is coming back bigger and better than before

GEM is once again running SEXPO. This student-run fair is set to feature various events aimed at encouraging education around sex.
Graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Ten books to read about the diverse world of sex-positivity

Sex-positivity is the mindset that sex should be healthy and pleasurable for everyone. It gives people the space to empower and explore their sexuality with curiosity, not judgment or shame.…

Performing pleasure: a dive into the phenomenon of fake orgasms

In a sexual culture dominated by male satisfaction, performance has become an alternative to communication for some.
pronouns photo

Affirming, reevaluating, and reimagining gender performance and identity in the time of COVID-19

Here we share six stories of people who have thought about their gender in different ways through COVID-19 and explore what gender means to them.
contraception options

Birth Control is empowering, here’s what you need to know about your contraception options

With knowledge and availability of contraception lacking, students often find it difficult to navigate their contraceptive options. Jennifer Gibson, coordinator of community services at Island Sexual Health, says that education…
Sex and dating in the time of COVID-19 graphic of sex toys and mask

5 tips for sex and dating in the time of COVID-19

Below are a few tips for sex and dating during COVID-19 that may make your search for a boo safer for you. The pursuit of pleasure and intimacy

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