Disinformation is fuelling harassment on Canadian university campuses

On Jan. 25, the University of Victoria  a (UVic USS) released a statement regarding increasing harassment toward Ukrainian students. Over the next week, similar situations came to light at three…

“There is so much uncertainty”: UVic student describes life at Ukrainian refugee hub

Grey and green cots line the walls of the Przemyśl Humanitarian Aid Centre’s mom and baby room.
News Unsettled Native Students Union column

The Western world’s reaction to war on Ukraine reveals deep hypocrisy

Before I write this, I want to clarify, I mean no disrespect to the Ukrainian people living in fear and who are suffering. What I hope to accomplish is to…
Ukrainian Students' Society, photo provided by Devon Sereda Goldie.

“I have been truly touched by the love”: UVic community responds to Ukraine invasion

On Sunday, Feb. 6, a small crowd of people dressed in yellow and blue gathered in Centennial Square in solidarity and support of Ukrainian sovereignty. The rally was part of…

Holodomor bus teaches students about the Ukrainian genocide

The bus is impossible to miss. It’s massive, painted with orange wheat fields, blue sky, and “HOLODOMOR — THE UKRAINIAN GENOCIDE” in white capital letters. A sight that causes drivers…

The Lens Sept 11th

Ukraine’s future must be decided by Ukrainians

Don’t blame the common Westerner for misunderstanding Ukraine; blame world leaders, and media outlets that churn out ignorant views about Ukraine and its people. Ukraine is not merely some card…

Geopolitical conflict in Ukraine escalating

After three months of mostly peaceful protesting and several days of violent repression, the one-time president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukoych, has abruptly abandoned his post in favour of safer havens.…

Canada funds medical supplies for Ukraine

As the Sochi games come to a close, a controversy that continues to engulf the region has escalated. Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, has elected to tie his nation’s economy with…

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