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UVSS Annual General Meeting votes to lower threshold to propose referenda 

This year’s UVSS AGM held on Oct. 27 was comparatively less exciting than last year's. The night started with James Coccola being ratified by the Board of Directors (BoD) as…

Recap of the Sep 23 UVSS Board of Directors meeting

The UVSS Board of Directors met for just over two hours earlier this week to finalize the agenda for their Annual General Meeting (AGM), introduce a new board member, and…

AGMs: We can fix this shit

The UVSS’s Semi-Annual General Meeting (SAGM) failed to make quorum on Feb. 4, but maybe you already knew that. We’re not sure how, because nobody was there to find out.…

Resolutions come and go at UVSS AGM

Oct. 28 marked the UVSS Annual General Meeting, and having achieved quorum after a half-hour delay, several bylaw amendments as well as the 2015-2016 draft budget were ratified. While much…

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