10 last-minute Halloween costumes

Unlike other holidays, Oct. 31 is extremely self-centred. We’re all dressing to impress (or for the ladies, under-dressing) while still remaining culturally relevant. But what’s one to do if Value…

Five ways to appease the midterm gods in this stressful time

1. Sacrifice goat cheese I know they say in order to please the gods you need to sacrifice a whole, live goat, but who can come by that nowadays? Goat…

10 things that should have already existed by 2013

1. Hover-objects Hoverboats, hover shoes, if it separates my feet from the ground it’d better hover. Sure, in the film Back to the Future Part II, Marty goes to 2015…

A-List: Top four things I feel guilty for… but not really

1. Eating in the library It’s 1 o’clock. I’m hungry. But I still want to study and I’m too lazy to get up. So I continue to eat in that…

A-List: 10 Ways to fight the fleeting of the summer season

1. Bring a beach ball to class and crowd surf it across the room to keep up the spirit of summer  Bring several and an air-pump in case they get…

A-List: 10 rules I made to start this academic year off right

1. I will go to every class without exception Except when it’s raining or sunny—can’t go to class feeling depressed or distracted! 2. I will bring a homemade lunch to…

A-List: Free stuff and how to use it

S.W.A.G.— It’s Stuff We All Get, but what’s one to do with all the stuff once we’ve, you know, gotten it?   Plastic water bottle Drinking from this vessel will…

A-List: Oh boy, it’s sunny

In case my sarcastic tone did not come across in the headline, let me explain.

University social situations 101

The teenage years are behind you, or are soon to be, but let’s face it: you’re a student. No matter your age, university can be an awkward place, in and…

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