Uvic Bathroom

A guide to UVic for the socially anxious

Welcome to the back of the classroom, fellow coward. It’s been a month since we’ve been twisted up by the academic torture tourniquet.
Which UVic building are you based on your astrology sign?

Which UVic building are you based on your astrology sign?

Aries is a fiery sign that is ambitious, passionate, and they tend to make confident leaders. Aries is the Business and Economics Building.
George the Peacock

Bird squabble 

I had the honour of spotting George in the quad and asking him a few questions before he began shrieking and flew away.  
Comic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Cancelled mid-production after two seasons

Comic by Sie Douglas-Fish.
UVic Buildings

If you build it, they will comment

“Seeing as this is the building I work out of I'm only giving it 2 stars,” one poster quipped about Clearihue. “Could use a Taco Bell and a water slide.”
Movies about university

Iconic movie scenes that never happened

Whether it was crazy frat parties or romantic serenades in libraries, movies about university set up some seriously unrealistic expectations.
Comic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Barista Nightmares

UVic final exam schedule

How to stay focussed so you can pass your exams

Whether you’re just done with studying in general, or you need 116 per cent on the final to pass your course, here are some creative ways to study for finals.
Illustration of a man at a podium and a disgruntled bird, comic by Liam Moore Razzell.

Comic caption contest

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