A photo of bloomed daffodils, photo by Eilis Garvey via Unsplash.

The pros and cons of spring

With March 20 officially marking the first day of spring, many students are turning to the outdoors to relieve their stress and soak up some dearly missed vitamin D.
An awkward hug, illustration by Sie Douglas-Fish.

The economy of the hug

Ah, the Board Game Café on bustling Yates Street in the heart of Victoria. Can you stand the excitement? Smells like popcorn, no? Bowls of buttered kernels overflowing next to…
Comic by Liam Moore Razzell.

Drowning in debt

Comic by Liam Moore Razzell.
Over-saturated image of a BC Transit bus reading "three bus transfers is a fun adventure". Graphic by Sie Douglas-Fish.

Transit is a student’s best friend but also a nightmare

Everyone has their own routine to help them wake up in the morning. Some people choose coffee or tea, others a cold shower. But a very underrated, exhilarating start to…
The McPherson Library men's bathroom, photo by Braedon Lowey.

Who is the shy pooper king?

Raindrops rolled down the foggy window of my second-floor perch as I peered out at the open umbrellas weaving through the quad, obscuring the figures underneath, nothing but legs. It…

“… and here’s where I messed up the Excel spreadsheet.”

Comic by Liam Moore Razzell.
Photo by Philippe Bout via Unsplash.

The unspoken law of seat assignment

It's the first day of class. Eager students shuffle into the room like lambs to the slaughter. Frenzied feral creatures, the lot of us, scattering about frantically to find an…

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