Minimum wage at a Mexican restaurant

A bald man entered. I asked if he would like rice and beans or a salad with his meal.

Tactless Tom: An MA student for the ages

Deep in the bowels of the Clearihue Building, there exists a man of legend and myth. A man who floats in the clouds and hides in the shadows and spits…

Excuse me, I’m a writer

An in-depth look at literistas' paraphernalia and pretension

Horoscopes for very specific groups of people: Astrology for daytime television archetypes

(Wait, people besides my aunt Bernice still watch this crap?)

Holiday cooking to be unthankful for

I am a terrible cook. I have, on several occasions: burnt Minute Rice so that it is unrecognizable; served lasagna in bowls due to its soupy consistency; and forgotten a…

Hello there, Mr. Johnson

A guide to naming your junk (yes, only you can name it)

Exercise makes hooligans out of our youth

Fitness can be fatal, no studies show

University social situations 101

The teenage years are behind you, or are soon to be, but let’s face it: you’re a student. No matter your age, university can be an awkward place, in and…

The history is a lie

Big, dirty words like “lie” and “liberal” get thrown around all the time now. It’s a politically charged time, given the economic collapse of Europe and the shocking theft of…