A-List: If Quentin Tarantino directed the next Star Wars film

The Jedi spirit of Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) would narrate an arbitrary section of the film, but not appear in the movie.

Man lost for one year found in Cornett Building

Two young Sociology students, Mary Davidson and Erik Vold, found more than they bargained for while attempting to find their professor’s room during office hours last week.

A letter from Quvenzhané Wallis to her parents

Youngest Actress in a Leading Role nominee not allowed to attend the Oscars after-party

A-List: Questions

Can a Horcrux be created from donated blood?

Multiple-choice test scanner gains self-consciousness

As Dr. Beverly Quintal began to slip the tests from her Ethics 200 class into an automated device for assessment, the professor realized that the multiple-choice machine wasn’t processing them.

Kanye West talks baby mama and new album

M: Maybe we could talk about your upcoming album. K: The Greatest Record of All Time?

Roger Ebert reviews YouTube cat videos

"At least he does his own stunts."


Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S models

Bro notes: Treat her like a lady

Nightlife. Downtown Victoria. Here’s what’s in store for ya. Lesson number one: treat her like a lady.

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