UVic student and YouTube tech guru hits 200 000 subscribers

Walk into any university lecture hall and you’ll see kids on laptops. Some are scrambling to write down every word out of the professor’s mouth, others are finishing homework that…

Historic tech experiment gets re-wired for Maker Lab exhibit

A wire that can record sound and play it back. An electric pin powered by a battery. A machine that turns text to audible tones. These may sound like modern…

Local iPhone app gets international praise

For professional photographers, or those looking for full control of their cameras, Victoria-based app developer William Wilkinson created Manual, a camera app providing users with control over their ISO, shutter,…

Hardware review: a full-service tablet

My first tablet, the HP Touchsmart Tx2, was a laptop that happened to have a touchscreen, exemplifying the pre-iPad tablet. Weighing about five pounds, it had Windows, a 12-inch screen,…

Human organs from a printer

Imagine you are suffering from liver disease, in desperate need of a transplant. Odds are you would be part of a long waiting list to receive a donated organ. What…

A calling for charity

If you are interested in helping out Africa Calling or starting a similar project, check out their website at “It’s just the most amazing experience ever.” – Kevin Davis…

The Digital Frontier, Part III: Fighting crime on the darknet

The internet poses one of the foremost challenges for today’s law enforcement. From material published on servers halfway across the world and out of reach, to the formidable security and…

I tried the Flappy Bird replacements so you don’t have to

I usually do my best to avoid viral game trends. I haven’t grown a Farmville; I’ve never drawn something with friends; and I’ve never played Candy Crush Saga, because I’ve…

The Digital Frontier Part II: The darknet bazaar

Electronic currency is not a new concept, but its definition is beginning to change. The predecessors of electronic payment systems like credit cards and debit cards emerged in the first…

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