pumpkin wearing a mask for halloween in victoria article

COVID-19 is scary, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying Halloween in Victoria

Halloween in Victoria will look a little different this year due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, there are still many safe and probably healthier ways to celebrate the fall’s…
stock image of online university

We can’t let our sense of community be another casualty of COVID-19

For first-year students, the start of the semester is often seen as a critical time to dive into campus life and find new friendships at clubs day, in the quad,…
cartoon of homeless person on bench, Victoria Native Friendship Centre closes

It’s time to change the conversation around homelessness

Victoria is facing a homelessness crisis. However, instead of empathy and solutions, the city’s most vulnerable have been levelled with accusations that they are lazy, dangerous drug addicts who ca
Martlet newspaper boxes

Local independent news has never been more relevant

COVID-19 coverage underscores the necessity of journalism Even with all of its unpredictability, 2020 has proved the importance of local news coverage. Local news helps people learn about local issues,…
naloxene kit in Beacon Hill Park, opioid crisis editorial

The opioid crisis is an emergency — it’s time for governments to treat it like one

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly proved that our federal, provincial, and municipal governments are able to act quickly and allot resources to a crisis, with the right amount of political…

Editorial | “Defund the police” is a call worth echoing

Among chants of “Black Lives Matter,” another related call is gaining traction: “defund the police.”  Behind these calls is a key message — if we defund the police, we have…

EDITORIAL | COVID-19 pandemic exposes existing disparities in a way that threatens lives

Right now, physical distancing is our main line of defense against spreading COVID-19. Our “firewall,” according to the Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry. However, for those living on the street…
covid-19 stock graphic

EDITORIAL | COVID-19 is no longer news, it’s the new normal

If looking back on “normal life” feels surreal, you’re not alone. The social and economic impacts of the past three weeks have been tremendous. Life has ground to a halt…
climate strike photo

EDITORIAL | What if we treated climate change like a pandemic?

COVID-19 is indisputably a global crisis that demands an immediate, effective, and informed response. It deserves the effort, money, and attention being devoted to it. However, the coronavirus is just…

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