paywalls in journalism

Paywalls are a solution creating a bigger problem

Print media firms need to find another way, and they need to find it quickly because if their content continues to be gated behind paywalls, well-researched writing won’t survive into…
Queen Elizabeth II, photo by WikiImages via Pixabay.

Should we have had a day off to mourn the queen?

A for-and-against considering the day off at UVic to mourn Queen Elizabeth II's passing.
Poli-sci textbooks, photo by Raheem Uz Zaman,

We need free university textbooks

Well, it’s that time of year again: university has started and we are forced into buying textbooks by some of our instructors.
Cannabis gardener

BCGEU strike highlights necessity for cannabis industry to separate from liquor board

The legalization of recreational cannabis was a joyful time for many, but most consumers aren’t aware of how it transformed the profitable world of grey market weed into a bureaucratic…
Hockey player. Mark Landman via Unsplash.

How hockey culture scores a hat trick of injustice, homophobia, and romanticism

When you wear a team’s jersey, a player’s name and a number, you’re advertising that organization. That person. You’re promoting them. You want to look up to them, with pride…
Computer-generated art from the sentence "draw creatively" (Midjourneyz0, provided by Caroline Tucker.

Artificial intelligence: A crutch or catalyst in the renaissance of creativity?

Most fields of study in AI research focus on improving user experience from the backend, supporting online advertising and cyber security, among other things. However, a few research labs have…
Photo by Ashwin Vaswani via Unsplash.

Let us not direct our anger towards survivors after papal visit

On July 24, Pope Francis finally arrived in Canada to issue an official apology to Indigenous people. Even before he came, the visit has been rife with controversy and full…

Students a major part of UVic’s impact on the local economy, but who supports students?

On June 20, a report was released detailing the economic impact of the University of Victoria on the provincial and local economies. The independent report by Emsi Burning Glass (now…

RateMyProf can’t always be trusted

As popular courses are usually offered at different times by different professors, it becomes more complicated to try and figure out what course and professor would be the best fit…