Bitcoin 101

Imagine this: you’re shopping online for a new Hello Kitty iPhone cover. You go to pay the merchant, but rather than giving them a credit card number, you transfer money…

Uncommon cents: The right attitude towards finance

My name is Michael Hemmings, and I am a consultant with Investors Group, an all-Canadian, nearly 100-year-old financial planning company. Over the next few months, I will be producing several…

Looking back on Silk Road

On Oct. 1, FBI agents arrested Ross William Ulbricht at a public library in San Francisco. In a pair of unsealed court documents, police allege that Ulbricht is the man…

The Kickin’ it old school guide to budgeting

If you haven’t yet, you may find it beneficial to read this column before the budget guide.   The first thing you need to do before you start is to…

All stuff tells a story

In my last article, I asked you to do an exercise: to take a sheet of paper and divide your monthly expenditures into what you need to spend your money…

Uncommon Cents: Financial swear words worth saying

This article concerns a set of related concepts behind three swear words. “F—.” No, no, not that one. They are naughty financial words, unspoken in polite conversation and considered gauche…

Shoes: this year’s sound investment for retailers

Shoes are in this year; for those who don’t speak the language of fashion, this means they are this year’s moneymakers in Canada’s fashion retail industry.

Uncommon Cents: Opportunity cost of post-secondary education

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a student at UVic this year. Today is a great time to make decisions and develop resolve.

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