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Tweetcap | Feb. 24 UVSS Board meeting

The board welcomed Kai Richins and (sort of) Jasmine MacGregor as Co-Directors of Events, replacing Shay Lynn Sampson who recently stepped down. Lead Director Juliet Watts encouraged everyone available to…

UVSS ELECTIONS | Meet independent candidate Dalal Tubeishat

Leading up to the 2020 UVSS election, the Martlet spoke with independent candidate Dalal Tubeishat. Tubeishat is running for Director of Student Affairs on a platform of affordability, sustainability, and…

UVSS Nov. 4 Board of Directors meeting recap

In a brisk meeting, the UVSS board welcomed a new representative to the table, and made a promise to object a Saanich council bylaw restricting the number of unrelated people…

UVSS talks Starbucks, territorial acknowledgments at latest board meeting

Jan. 7 saw the first UVSS Board of Directors meeting of the year, with the Upper Lounge of the Student Union Building more full than usual. Indeed, along with the…

Your Dec. 3 UVSS board meeting Tweetcap

Annual survey results take centre-stage at first meeting of the month The UVSS meeting on Dec. 3 was called to order with the arrival of pizza — the perfect food…

Draft audit of financial statements and course union funding key points at latest UVSS board meeting

A Tweetcap of the Oct. 1 meeting, because, let’s face it, aren’t tweets easier to read than just a recap? After a near two-hour meeting last time, the UVSS Board…

The first UVSS meeting of the semester starts off with a bang (of the gavel)

A Tweetcap of the September 10 UVSS meeting The first UVSS Board of Directors meeting of the semester saw several key changes including the ratification of a new Pride representative,…

The UVSS June meetings: a Tweet-cap

June 4: Perhaps the biggest tension to come out of the first UVSS Board of Directors meeting of the month came not from the directors themselves, but from a spelling…

Board of Directors backpedal on VIPIRG referendum

The UVSS Board of Directors has quickly backtracked on a motion put forward at last night’s board meeting that would have seen students vote on funding currently allocated to the…

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