Daylight savings

Daylight savings time or government-issued time travel?

Daylight savings time once served a purpose, but since then it has become obsolete. The origins point to deeply entrenched consumerism.

Confronting society’s underlying prejudices towards the poor

Nothing about success (or the perceived lack thereof) in capitalist societies is inherently moral or immoral. Being rich doesn’t make you a better person, and being poor doesn’t make you…

Painting without profit

A profile of MFA student Leah McInnis Leah McInnis is good at finding art in unusual places. McInnis is a Victoria and Vancouver -based artist, working in the second year…

Let’s stop hating on pumpkin spice

Sarah Finley is a contributing writer at The Peak, Simon Fraser University’s student paper. This article was originally published on Sept. 12. BURNABY — It’s not often that I find myself defending corporations…

Capitalism killed Internet collectivism

Throughout its history, much has been made of the Internet’s promise of emancipation. Celebrants the world over claimed, and continue to claim, that the Internet and the web will empower…

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